Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a driving license in order to drive with a Ape?

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No, you don’t need a driving license. There is a guide who will drive the ape for you.
Drunk driving during the vino tour is recommended...

2. Is there a height and weight limit?

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No, there isn’t.

3. Can I rent the Ape for an unguided tour?

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No, there's always a tour guide accompanying you.

4. Can I bring a child on a tour?

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Yes, children are allowed to go with the La Dolce Vienna Tour. We are happy to welcome you as a family with kids.

5. Do I have to bring a helmet?

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No, you don’t need a helmet.

6. What happens when it rains?

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Our tours will also provide with rainy conditions because we have a roof on our Ape.

We reserve the right to cancel tours, should the weather conditions be unsafe.

We will either provide you with a rescheduled date, a voucher, or a reimbursement less a                                      processing fee of 10 €.

7. What's the minimal and maximal group size?

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We offer our tours starting from one person, up to 3 guests per tour.

For bigger groups, we offer alternative programs as the hotrod tour or walking tours.

8. Are there group offers?

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The ticket is valid for 2 peoples riding the ape. If you come with a party of 3, you can pay an additional € 10 upon arrival.

9. Do you offer vouchers and how long are they valid?

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Yes, we do offer vouchers and they have a validity of 3 years, starting from the date of issue.

10. Is there a particular tour you can recommend?

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No, every tour is exciting and fun in their own ways.

11. When do I have to show up before starting the tour?

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Please arrive 15 min. before your scheduled tour at our shop.

12. Is the Ape with more than one seat?

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Yes, we can take 3 guests for one tour.

13. How can I cancel a tour?

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You can cancel any standard tour until 48 hours prior to your appointment and we charge 10 % of the amount processing fee. After 48 hours to the booking date we refund 50 %.

There's no reimbursement on the day of the tour! We are happy to issue you a voucher in good case.

Should you have booked a group event: Cancellation free of charge 11 days prior to the event. A cancellation fee of 35% 5 days prior and 70 % fee 48 hours prior. There's no reimbursement on the day of the tour!

14. What is the best time to ride?

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Well, we are quite small and are therefore able to sneak through traffic. But especially the tours around 4 pm have a bit more traffic on Fridays and Monday mornings at 10 am.