Event Tours "Speziale"

Details of the Tour

What tickles your fancy when it comes to special days and dates?

May it be your first date or your wedding, your anniversary or your birthday ahead, be sure to save this exhilarating way of transportation for your special day or private (sightseeing) tour.

Get your prosecco or sandwiches during your Ape Tour!

This is an additional special you can add to any tour and it costs € 15 / picnic basket including a 

wine cooler with ice, one bottle of prosecco or wine and two glasses.

Or if you want some sandwiches don't hesitate to ask us, they come in a box with a mixed selection and cost € 20 for a box of 6 pieces.

We offer this add-on for all our tours, just send a request by email via "hello@ladolcevienna.at".

Anytime on request.