Wine Picnic


The exclusive wine picnic by la dolce Vienna is a getaway right from your home into the middle of the vineyards of  Vienna. Picking you up with the one and only APE Calessino fleet in Vienna you will be driven to the hills surrounding the city with a beautiful view upon the city. Relaxing on the shallow hills you will have a good 1,5 hours to spend eating local specialities, enjoying the included wine from the rapes around you. You can either spend time with up to 12 friends or make this a romantic evening with your spouse. It´s what you make and what from it. The Pick up and Drop off service (districts 1-19) is each € 10 and can be ordered additionally.

Our driver picks you up either at your hotel or home in Vienna. You can also start from the first district at our store (Judengasse 4) without extra cost and to save some time on the ride and therefore spend more time on the hills. Once we get to the wine hills you will the recieve the picnic basked as well an isolated blanket to find your perfect spot to settle for the next 1,5-2 hours. The location is either on the hills overlooking the city of Vienna or in a small Vineyard close to a famous "Heurigen". After your vineyard experience you will be taken back to a place of your choice in Vienna (District 1-9) or your pickup place. 

Our Tour starts every day from 2pm - 8pm. The booking can be arranged over the phone +436606308773 or this website. We can take a maximum of 12 people per time slot. Please feel free to contact us if you want a bottle of cooled wine on your ride to the vineyards or if you have other special request. 

Quality & Responsibility

The awarded wine from the  Viennese winemaker are well know and you are right where they grow. The local & traditional food perfectly matches to give you a special experience that is unique here in Vienna and Austria. You are free to move and choose you picnic location but we ask you to respect the winery process and therefore use the yards with caution and respect for our winemakers. 

Pick Up Service

The tour starts in the Judengasse but we also can pick up 
(€ 10) the guests from home or hotel and take them on a scenic route to the winery. After the picnic, the guests are set back comfortably and easily at home or at a desired location on the way back to the city center. The maximum capacity for one Ape Calessino is 3 people. Kids and dogs are welcome.

Promise & Service 

We take care of the organization of the event with the professionalism and passion that characterizes us. We offer various extra services like cooled wine on the way to the picnic as well as special food arrangements or our pick-up and drop off service. Just let us know how we can make you feel special.