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Rimini Nights Special:
The unforgettable

What is the Rimini Nights Picnic?

This small event in the form of a stylish bohemian picnic for 7 people or more is our absolute 5 hour highlight in the vineyards.

It takes you on the back seat of the open Ape Callessino in 20 minutes to such a wonderful place that reminds you more of Tuscany or Styria than of Vienna.

Between the vines and under a big wonderful tree you will find peace, nature, view, friends and of course the highlight:

a table full of culinary opulence that will take your breath away without exaggeration.

We are always happy about the first moment when our guests pull out their mobile phones with open mouths, take photos with shaky hands and are already happy about the Instagram fame. Or they tremble because they think: "Oh God, that is all included? Or did I misread it?"

You will see, we are not exaggerating and the pictures here are not exaggeration!


How does it work and what is included?


The outward journey takes place with the Ape, a wine is already served on the journey.


Then you come to a fantastic, exclusive place on the vineyard, which is already set with the table including table, cutlery, pillows, drinks, food and everything else you want.


In addition to the long table, deck chairs are also set up under the tree so that you can spread out a little and have a little conversation away from the table.


Drinks such as wine (only award-winning wines) & water are included, and we are happy to serve you cocktails from Kleinod Wien in Case you want something else than wine.


The vineyard is also wonderfully illuminated and decorated, which creates a great atmosphere after 8 p.m.


There is also a personal butler who takes care of the drinks, clearing up and all the other things you need .


The dates & costs of the

Rimini Nights Premium Picnic


We offer our tours individually by appointment. It is best to depart at 5:00 p.m. / 6:00 p.m., as the whole fun lasts 5 hours.

The costs for 9 people are 199 euros per nose from A for arrival in the ape to Z for cinnamon sticks as a decor in a cocktail.


The maximum capacity is 50 people. We would discuss the costs for large groups with you individually as you wish, they decrease slightly from 9 people.

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