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The tour starts in Judengasse or a pick-up location (districts 1-23) for an additional charge of € 15 and lets you dream sublime through the small and secret streets of the 1st district. Then we drive over the Reichsbrücke to the Old Danube, where you can refresh yourself and enjoy the sunset and the crystal clear water.
Of course, you will also see all the important magnificent buildings as a "train grid" on the inner city streets. But we can already promise you one thing: you will be the sight of the tour yourself!

This tour starts at a tempting € 69 for up to 3 people and takes around 1.5 hours.

Thu - Sun, € 69 per ape (for 2 people) If you are traveling with a group of 3 people, you can pay a surcharge of € 10 on arrival. This applies to all of our ape tours.

Voucher La Dolce Vienna Grande Tour

  • Start in the Judengasse or a pick-up location (districts 1-9) for a surcharge of € 20. 1-2 people, 3rd person for € 10  Fee. Booking is exclusive, no strangers when booking a voucher. Tour duration about 45 -55 minutes. Appointment by phone or via the booking system on this website.

  • The tour also takes place when it rains, alcoholic drinks can be brought along by arrangement. The driver's instructions are to be obeyed; if the rules are violated, the journey can be interrupted. It is compulsory to wear seat belts. Telephones as well as cameras and various other devices are allowed while driving.

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