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They have never felt so Italian and light - for a limited time from just € 49 daily - 7 days a week !
This tour is our little homage to the Italian ease of driving for up to 3 people.

Mon-Sun, € 49 per ape (max. 3 pax)
The offer is valid for 2 people. The third person can be booked spontaneously for an additional 10 euros.
If there are only two of you, no third party will be booked.

Voucher La Dolce Vienna Piccolo Tour

  • Start in Judengasse or a pick-up location (districts 1-23) for an additional € 15. 1-2 people, 3rd person for a fee of € 10. Booking is exclusive, no strangers are involved when booking a voucher. Tour duration approx. 45 - 60 minutes. Appointments by phone or via the booking system on this website.

  • The tour also takes place when it rains, alcoholic drinks can be brought along by arrangement. The driver's instructions are to be obeyed; if the rules are violated, the journey can be interrupted. It is compulsory to wear seat belts. Telephones as well as cameras and various other devices are allowed while driving.

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